An Addendum To:

The Simplified
Clay's Kochab's Clock Polar Alignment Method
For the German Equatorial Mount With a Polar Finder Scope!

Since putting this simple method for finding a close polar alignment quickly and easily using a simple Polar Finder Scope on my website I have had multiple people feel the need to write me via the e-mail contact and tell me how wrong it is.  The pictures are backwards and the way I explain it is backwards from the way it is presented on Dr. Clay's site and Mike Weasner's site.  Well actually YES it is, but there is a reason for that, the simple small straight through refractor finder scope being used in those GEMs is just that, a simple refractor.  The view through it is backwards/upsidedown from the direction Polaris and Kochab are really aligned in.

You cannot "see" Kochab in the small FOV of these Polar Finder Scopes, therefore you are using the Counterweight bar as a straight edge to get that "unseen" straight line view to the unseeable Kochab, from Polaris.  You are simple lining Polaris, Kochab, and your PAS' graphic up on that imaginary straight line created by using the counterweight bar.  The "line" goes on basically forever in both directions.  Since the view in the PAS is reversed, it would seem and feel as if you are doing things backwards from how they should be by your actual visual alignment of the 2 stars along your counterweight bar.  The best way I can state it is don't try to over analyze it BEFORE you actually try it.  If you have your PAS well collimated and the counterweight bar closely lined up with your PAS crosshair/alignment line it works like it should.

I've heard from folks who have used it with good success as well as I have in the past every night I went out and had to setup prior to building my more permanent setup.  I still have great success with it on those very rare occasions when I do some traveling astronomy and take my "portable" Autostar GEM out in the field for a night's adventures.

Good Luck and Clear Skies!

The Mad One
Mark Jordan

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