November 05, 2007

Happenings In The Sky & In The Photo Albums!

Hello & welcome to The Star Deck Observatory;

I've been working on some changes in the Star Deck Observatory Photo Albums.  I have removed the Java & shockwave player based photo albums and replaced them with a whole new web based gallery/album.  The new albums are accessed through the same Photo Albums navigation bar same as the old albums, but the lay out is a lot simpler and easier to navigate.  The photos can be viewed in a variety of resolutions all the way up to a full resolution display.  There are several more newer photos in the 35mm film albums and more yet to come, give the new Star Deck Albums a visit to see the newer astrophotos as well as some shots of the new Telescope Privy and computer house I built this summer.

I have added to the new Star Deck Observatory Photo Galleries an area for fellow astrophotographers to register, and create their own photo albums to display their astrophotography handy work on the web.  This new user available section of the Star Deck Observatory Photo Galleries is an on going work in progress.  The user galleries are available free of charge for the time being, if I find the need to make a lot more server storage available that may have to change.

There's a new comet in town, or at least one that has made a big spectacle of its' self recently!  If you haven't yet read or heard about it yet Comet 17p Holmes burst into a quite large and bright addition to the night sky on October 24!  It can be found in the constellation Perseus and is fairly easy to spot with the naked eye!  It shows up as a large bright round fuzz ball in even a modest set of binoculars!  Here's a quick link to StarDate Online for a little more information and a small chart!

Clear Skies!
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