October 22, 2007

Wow, It's Been A While!

Hello & welcome back!

If this is your first time visiting here at The Star Deck's portal to the World Wide Web, welcome.  Well it has been quite a few months since I've sat down and done any editing or updating of The Star Deck Observatory.  As I mentioned much earlier during the beginning stages of developing my initial Star Deck Observatory site over on Zoom Share, I had some issues to resolve from an on duty injury.  I was down for a little over 4 months during the winter and spring of 2007 while I recovered and rehabilitated from the procedures to fix my mishaps.

The flip side of that down time was I had plenty of "free time" to sit there confined to my activity restrictions and work on this site!  Well I went back to full duty around the first part of June of 2007 and had a whole lot of things around here to catch up on.  Things requiring me to be physically able to to do that were off limits while I was still under restrictions.  Once back fully on my feet my time for updating and working on The Star Deck Observatory site got short and this site kind of went on a back shelf for a little bit.  I was able to post a couple of updates and maintenance articles here and there, but that was about it.

Well enough about why there hasn't been much in the way of updates here, I am now starting to catch up and the Star Deck is finally complete (or at least 98% complete!  Is any amateur observatory every really 'complete'!??)  The original Telescope Privy was basically a "quick fix" to give me something my girls could handle to safely cover the Telescopes & mount with and move aside for me when I wanted to spend an evening out on The Star Deck convalescing.  I threw it together quickly in preparation for the time I would be down and unable to handle setting up my equipment.  I have to hand it to my wife and daughter, they did a good job of moving the Privy for me and helping me get set up for a night of  astro-photography from the seat of my pants!  Thank you girls!

There is now a new Privy, it is a much more secure and nicer looking structure.  It now houses my telescopes and mount as well as the new computer house with all of my equipment safely stored away until i want to use it.  The whole setup process for a night of astronomy now takes about 5 - 10 minutes from turn key to time on target.  I can even come back to my desk (or notebook) and run things from inside of the house now if I would want to, but why???  I love being out under the night skies!  While the computers, cameras, and mounts are doing their thing once I set them to task I kick back in the chase lounge enjoy the night!

There are plans for an all new photo gallery here, I am working on and trying to learn how to set up a more complete web gallery that may even go so far as to allow for user galleries to be set up.  I'm still working on it and hope to make it happen, but if not there will definitely be a change in the way my Astro-photos and such are galleried here.

The DSO of the Week will be demoted to The DSO of The Month!  I prefer not to try to keep a new DSO up for every week, it is just simply too demanding of my time.  During those days the Moon is in it's brighter phases it is also sometimes difficult to pick an object that would still be easily spotted and seen through a medium quality set of binoculars.  That is the whole point of The DSO of the Whatever!  To give folks who have a blooming interest or limited astro-resources some nice Deep Space Object to look for that they can obtain with an average basic set of optics!

Once the new galleries are set up here I will post the latest astro-photos I have acquired as well as post pictures of the new Privy and Computer House.  I hope to be posting more updates with a little more frequency in the future here, until then............!!

Clear Skies!
The Mad One
Mark Jordan

39 47' 06" North / 85 46' 10

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