May 16, 2007

Visitors On The Star Deck This Week!

Hello & welcome back!

If this is your first time visiting here at The Star Deck's portal to the World Wide Web, welcome.  The Star Deck had some visitors this week, some students from the local high school science class came out to The Star Deck to get some first hand observation time of the night skies and learn a little bit about what is involved in Astrophotography.

We took an impromptu tour of the sky with some binoculars with me using my green laser pointer to lead them to some of the Deep Space Objects available to a mediocre set of binoculars in a mag 5 sky.  All got some time observing through both the Orion SVP 8" Newtonian and the Orion ED80.  I always like to hear that "whoa" when someone gets to see Saturn for the first time through a reasonable OTA.  All three learned how to use the averted vision technique to better see such things as faint galaxies.

We settled down and set up the cameras to do some guided Astrophotography and planetary imaging for the rest of the night.  The "breezes" (9 - 20 mph) played heck with the skies and even slipped over the wind tarps to make taking exposures much over a couple of minutes difficult, but we did manage to collect some usable light sub frames to get a couple of finished DSO images (M13 & M51), and a lower magnification image of Jupiter.

The DSO of The Week this week is another tough target for binoculars in the more light polluted skies in and around the larger cities.  It can be observed in a modest set of binoculars though in a darker sky location and with a small telescope in the more light polluted skies.  You can find more information on this week's DSO selection on the DSO of The Week Page.

Possibly next week I will have a review up on the "New" reflex site available through Orion, the Orion EZ Finder Deluxe Reflex Site.  Look to the Reviews & Reports pages next week for the review.  Until then...........

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