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May 5, 2007

What's Happening On The Star Deck This Week!

Hello & welcome back!

If this is your first time visiting here at The Star Deck's portal to the World Wide Web, welcome.  There have been some more articles added to The Star Deck Observatory site since the last news update a month ago.  There have been a couple of articles added on the Modifications & Maintenance pages one covering how to do the worm gear adjustments for back lash problems found here.  Another article added on a minor modification to the Meade LPI Camera to solve some of the light leakage through the translucent back cover of the camera found here.

There have been some additions to the photo albums in the 35mm film galleries and the CCD planets gallery.  I look to be adding more images of some of the Spring and Summer galaxies as well as a few other DSO targets to both the 35mm film and CCD galleries.   Look for some more images of planets & objects from our own neighborhood, the Solar System in the coming weeks also as the weather; seeing conditions; and my time allows for some more imaging attempts!

If you have visited The Star Deck Observatory website previously you may have noticed that The DSO of The Week objects are not getting updated weekly.  The reasons for this are my time to get to it; the desire to get an actual image of the object to be posted not being realized; and most importantly the seeing conditions for the given week.  The DSO subjects chosen for the DSO of The Week normally will be brighter objects that can be picked up in a decent set of binoculars or at least a small 80mm plus objective telescope.  During those weeks when the moon is in the brighter phases earlier in the evening it would be very difficult to be able to see a lot of the objects in question.  It is with that in mind that I do not post a new DSO for the week(s) the Moon will be up shining brightly during the evening viewing hours.

In news elsewhere and otherwise The Eta Aquarids meteor showers will be at their peak the morning of Sunday May 6th.  Seeing conditions however will not be very good as the Moon will be in a waning gibbous phase rising at midnight and up past daylight Sunday morning.  The best viewing time for the Eta Aquarids meteor showers on the 6th is just before sunrise.

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