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March 13, 2007

The New Star Deck Observatory Site Is Up!

Hello and welcome to my new Star Deck Observatory site!

As of today March 13, 2007 The Star Deck Observatory has move it's primary web site from the Zoomshare free web page servers to the new domain here.  The Star Deck site will be under going several changes as I get more & more familiar with becoming my own "webmaster".  The primary goal of the site will remain the same, and that is a place to display some of my astrophotography on the web, and provide some hopefully useful information to new and budding Amateur Astronomers, as well as provide a place where visitors can submit equipment reviews and helpful articles of their own to the Star Deck Site.

I have the first Deep Space Object Of The Week posted.  Take a look at the information on the DSO of the Week page to see the selections for each week.  I will try to keep the page updated with weekly objects that can be observed with the use of a good set of binoculars, or at least a smaller aperture telescope.  I may or may not always have a photo of the object, but will always have some star hopping directions on how to find it, as well as a star chart when possible.  I plan to keep the featured DSO of the Week page from each week archived for several months, just follow the title link on the DSO of The Week page to the current or archived page.

I am hoping to be able to actually get out on the Star Deck maybe next week for a short session or two, things are still progressing fairly well, only a couple of set backs so far.  Weather & condition permitting maybe I will finally be able to start collecting some new Astrophotos next week!

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