February 21, 2019


The Galleries Are Down Indefinetly!

As of this month the Star Deck Observatory's Gallery is going down until such time as I can find, install and bring up to date a web album/gallery web application which can both meet my needs and wants, as well as those needs and requirements of the continuing Lunar pages Host Provider's necessary upgrades and security requirements.  Unfortunately it may be a little while until I can get back to the site to install and bring up to speed a new more updated and secure web album/gallery.  One that will still be maintained and updates released for the said chosen gallery application to be able to keep up with and remain functional with any and all new necessary updates that may be applied by the host provider to the servers.

Clear Skies!

Thank You to those who visit The Star Deck's site and Web Albums!

The Mad One! (as a hatter!)

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