June 5, 2019


The Galleries Are Now Back Up!!!

As of June 5, 2019 The Star Deck Observatory Galleries are back up and running!  Almost all of the images from the past galleries are back up along with a few new images acquired since the Galleries have been down.  I am still in the process of loading more of the photos and images from the previous Star Deck Observatory galleries, as well as slowly getting the image discriptions and acquisition information for each image back up.  There have been a couple of new cameras put into The Star Deck Observatory's collection and each will as always have it's own dedicated gallery as I begin to put them into use.  The QHY163M being one of them already has several images up in the galleries with more to come.

Thank You to those who visit The Star Deck's site, web galleries, and your patience during the long down time for those galleries while I came up with a new gallery setup!  Hopefully the new gallery setup will remain current and supported well into the future with the continual necessary provider updates!

Clear Skies!

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