September 8, 2017


The Galleries Have been repaired and Are Back up!

As of this month the Star Deck Observatory's Gallery is going down for a major repair.  The Albums will no longer be available and will be removed until the intallation has either been repaired or replaced.  The Album's administrative access has been damaged possibly beyond repair by repeated and multiple hacking attemps.  If I cannot get the albums repaired within the week, they will be down, gone, not available, not viewable until I can either find a suitable replacement or do a clean installation and repopulate the albums.  While this is unfortunate for anyone who has visited these albums it is just a part of trying to maintain a website in the cyber world. Hopefully I can get this done in a timely manor for those folks who have visited The Star Deck's albums or who may be trying to follow a link to a particular object image or images.

On one other note, yes I am still here and still try to maintain this site.  There hasn't been much activity within the actual Star Deck Observatory website itself over the last few years, as I am always busy with lots of other stuff, still employed full time and maintain some side business activity.  The Albums however are usually always updated with new image acquisitions as I am still very active in the hobby.  Unfortunately due to the damaged gallery I have been unable to post a lot of those new aquisitions in the last several months.

Clear Skies!
Thank You to those who visit The Star Deck's site and Web Albums!

The Mad One! (as a hatter!)

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