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June 5, 2019

The Star Deck Observatory Photo Galleries Are Back!

 As of June 5, 2019 The Star Deck Observatory Galleries are Back Up.

Images, Image information, and each Gallery is still under going updating, and editing... BUT... The Star Deck's images are coming back online for visitor (i.e. you) and guest viewing and enjoyment!!

This is a place for sharing my astrophotos, photos of my equipment, and general information about my astronomy interests with fellow amateur astronomers, friends, and other interested folks. Feel free to come in browse through the galleries, blogs and articles posted here. If you are just starting into or have an interest in astronomy, and/or astrophotography there may be from time to time information in the blogs here you might find helpful or interesting.

All of the photos posted here in my galleries are the results of my photography and are copyrighted to me unless otherwise stated with the photograph, if you have an interest in downloading or using any of my copyrighted material here please fell free to contact me for permission to do so!

Mark Jordan
The Mad One

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